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Leggy Dish Called Coffee

This girl called Coffee is from ATK Hairy. She's a leggy dish and she looks like she'd give a wicked blowjob.

She was added to the site in October 2012. These shots are from her 5th set and I forgot to mention that she has a nice ass.

Coffee also has two movies available and she has another 14 sets over at ATK Exotics.

She's 25 years old and is a student. Coffee says she likes Reggae music and loves to party. I've got a party happening right here for you any time, babe, and it gets hard almost on demand anyway.

You can see all of Coffee's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Caribbean Single

This girl Ojilda from Rico's World has a decent set of tits on her and she loves to show them off. That's actually quite a handful she's got. And I like her cool shirt.

Ojilda has three galleries available now, and its easy to find more of your favorite girls by using the cool new search engine. There are lots of movies too that I rarely talk about, and this is some really nice viewing material.

There is a movies page but you also have to check through the daily updates page to see the new ones.

So Ojilda is single and she's looking for someone who will love her for who she is. As long as she puts out I guess, and as long as she never gets a breast reduction then she could pick me. I'd do her for a while.

You can see more of Ojilda and check out the entire hairy Caribbean girls collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Hairy Babe Talia

Talia only has on her sexy red panties and bra and yet that's too much clothing for this hairy girl. So first the bra comes off and then the panties so she can play with her hairy pussy.

What's that? She doesn't have time for clothes? If she came over to my house to visit and stuff, I'd let her walk around naked all she wants.

Talia is 25 years old and is very cute. I'd like to get on top. She has a pretty face and a nice hairy pussy.

She's from New York and she loves being spanked on the ass. That could be arranged too. She likes it missionary style and likes to do it in the shower. She also looks hot in her black stockings.

You can see all of Talia's excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Alison

Its been over 10 years since we've seen any new work from this hairy cutie Alison but she's still always a pleasure to check out.

Alison was 20 years old when she appeared at ATK Hairy and she did some very nice photo sets. All her work has been moved over to ATK Exotics and she currently has 11 galleries available.

This little chick is sweet. She has a nice bush and an even nicer looking pussy. And her cunt lips look great from behind too. She's a bit flat but she has a nice overall shape to her and she has a nice ass.

Alison has a current rating of 4.06 out of 5 which is pretty good considering all the years that have gone by. It would be great if ATK could get her back again.

You can see all of Alison's excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Pina Loves Oral

This hairy Caribbean girl Pina has always been one of my favorites. In this gallery she worships a cock and does a great job of it.

It was hard to narrow this one down to only four shots. But that would be typical of all her galleries. I like her bush and her trail and even her hair.

And the pictures of her smoking while taking a break between sessions is good too. I'd love to have her come over and do her stuff on me.

She's got 11 galleries available, and in some of those she's with some other hairy girls, plus there are a bunch of hardcore sets of her there as well.

You can see more of Pina at Rico's World.

Playful Hairy Sweety

Marilyn looks well dressed and I got the impression from this gallery that she's a rich bitch. But what a nice looking cunt she has, and she looks playful too.

There are plenty of nice shots of her hairy pussy in this gallery and it was hard to narrow this down to only four shots.

Marilyn would like to have sex any time you're ready, and she loves hard cock. She'd like to make love to a giant or a very tall man on a beach.

This chick looks pretty hot in a dress. She's got nice legs and an even nicer looking pussy. Damn, would her hole feel good!

You can see all of Marilyn's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wet Hairy Cunt

This hairy Caribbean girl Celibee has a nice see-through outfit. She wants to get your attention and its nice being able to see her bush through it.

She looks better when she takes it off though. She's got a fairly big bush and her pussy looks very wet in this gallery.

When I first saw this gallery I thought she was a hairy milf but then I used the search engine at Rico's World and found two more galleries of this hottie that I liked even better.

Those two are some back alley spreading scenes, and Celibee looks younger in those ones. I think I like both of those even better. What a little hottie and what a nice cunt.

This chick sure has a big gash on her and I'm sure you could slip into that pussy pretty easily.

You can see more of Celibee and check the entire hairy Caribbean collection at Rico's World.

Caribbean Girl Gets Boned

Holy shit! Look at the huge pussy lips on this chick. This hairy milf Eve loves to smoke her ghanja and she wants you to fuck her as deep as you can.

This was a nice gallery where Eve gets fucked, so there you go. She looks like she's really easy to get along with.

I love it how she just lays there with her pussy open and her arms above her head and you see her hairy armpits and her nice cunt lips and she's totally ready to fuck.

Later on in this gallery she takes a cumshot on her face. I'm sure you wouldn't really mind using up some of your cum on this chick, right? Just ram it in, deep and hard. Your dick WILL fit perfectly!

You can see more of Eve and check out a very nice Hairy Caribbean collection at Rico's World.


This chick can come over and cook and clean for me or she can just come over and do whatever she wants any time. Any excuse to get her here will do.

She's got a thick bush, a nice slit and she has one of the hairiest asses you've probably seen in a long time, although you can't really see it in any of these pics.

Four shots is pretty limited, so here's a picture of her hairy ass that I chose randomly from one of her other galleries...

Dayana is one of my many favorites from Rico's World. She has hairy pits and very hairy legs, and always looks like she'd be lots of fun to spend any quality time with.

She's got 20 galleries available including a few lesbo scenes and some hardcore stuff too. The guy who got to fuck her in the ass and shoot his cum on her thick bush is one very lucky dude.

You can see all of Dayana and check out the hairy Caribbean girls collection at Rico's World.

Slim Hairy Hottie

Check out this new hairy cutie from ATK Hairy. What a little sweety. Hey you... come here a minute! I don't think its going to take too long for Dollie to make you squirt.

She was added to the Natural & Hairy site on October 24th, and she previously appeared at ATK Exotics.

This girl is slim and nice, she has a very nice bush and a treasure trail, and she's highly fuckable. And leggy. Who wouldn't love to give this girl a free spin?

This Jamaican beauty is a student and she likes to fuck in the shower. She likes guys with money, so if you've got some cash to flash around then Dollie wants to be your friend.

You can see more of this hairy slim hottie at ATK Natural & Hairy.


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