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Sexy Babe Ludmilda

This hairy girl Ludmilda from Ricos Phats is one very sexy looking babe. She's got a hairy pussy and a nice set of tits on her.

These shots are from a nice gallery and it was kind of hard to narrow it down to only four sample pictures. Ludmilda is a cute girl and I really couldn't help thinking how much I'd love to fuck her against that wall.

She looks playful and she's got a hairy ass too. She looks like she'd ride it really nice. Oh yeah... she has nice eyes and that dress looks good on her too. At one point in this gallery she squirts some milk out of her tits but even if she squirted me right in the face I'd still do her anyway.

Ludmilda has several galleries available. You can use the new search feature to quickly find everything on any girl's name. Adding that thing to the site was a really cool idea. Its now available at both Rico's World and at Rico's Phats.

So what is Rico's Phats all about anyway? It is very similar to Rico's World but the girls are generally heavier in nature and have bigger tits and bigger asses. If you happen to be an ass man then you're in luck because there are noticeably way more ass shots here. Not every girl has a hairy snatch but most of them do.

If you've already checked out Rico's World and liked it, and who wouldn't?, then Rico's Phats is also highly recommended too. So head over there now to check out more of Ludmilda.

Check out this sample gallery of Ludmilda... It looks like she's up against that same wall. When this babe is fully dressed her tits really don't look that huge, do they? But she's got a really nice set on her and I admire her for that. Who besides me would love to fuck her right there on the concrete?

Hairy Gilf Called Dina

This hairy Gilf Dina sure knows how to reel in the younger guys, but really, she loves any man who can fuck her for a long time.

We've been seeing alot of Caribbean milfs here lately, and normally I'd prefer checking out some young hairy hottie with a thick bush, but I really didn't mind checking out this hairy grandma either. She looks like a lady you could see anywhere... and she'd have a hairy pussy on her and you wouldn't even know it.

Dina may look a bit used and abused but in proper Rico's fashion, she does a good job of showing off her ass. She also looks fuckable enough when she spreads her legs too.

You can check out the entire Hairy Caribbean girls collection at Rico's World.

Hairy Milf With Massive Hangers

Check out this hairy ebony milf with those huge tits. This chick sure has a massive set of hangers on her. Denise also has a big hairy gash as well.

She's 42 years old and knows how to keep a man happy. She loves lots and lots of sex and she's currently looking to get re-married. But this time she's looking for a guy who can stay hard for extended periods of time. I guess that's what they make Viagra for, eh?

Denise is open to any and all sexual ideas and she'd love to try a threesome. She didn't narrow that down at all but if she's got a sister or a friend with a hairy pussy, then she can bring her along.

This milf likes it doggy style or on top. She likes the beach and wants a guy who is honest and clean. Did I mention that she loves to fuck?

You can see all of Denise's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Slim Hairy Hottie

What a little hottie. These shots are from a neat gallery of a back alley spreader called Kendall. She's got a nice thick bush on her and she's cute, too. There were a few kind of closer up shots of her and this chick is really pretty. I would love to meet some little honey like this.

I was in Dominican Republic a while back and I noticed at the pharmacy that they sell viagra over the counter for 8 bucks their money, which was like nothing. So I'd definitely do one for this chick.

And then take her back to my hotel room or anywhere and fuck the shit out of her all night. Do you want to marry me and move back to Canada? Oh, and by the way, can I fuck you in the ass?

This girl Kendall looks like she was really enjoying herself during this photo shoot which makes her look even more cute. And where exactly is this back alley anyway? I'd like to hang out there.

You can see all of Kendall's excellent work and check out the entire hairy Caribbean girls collection at Rico's World.

New Hairy Girl Niani

Niani is a new girl that was added to the exotic and hairy section back on April 6th. When I saw her first gallery I grabbed some shots from it to share here but that was weeks ago and she's come out with some better sets even still. This gallery of her as a police woman was pretty cool so check out this babe.

What a sexy looking lady. Especially since she's got a hairy cunt. It was pretty hard to narrow this one down to only our four regular shots.

I was wondering what that thing in her hand was, and do you think she'll end up putting it in her tight cunt? Absolutely. And not only that but she even puts a condom on it first. She's either keeping in practice or she's nuts about practicing safe sex.

Niani is 22 years old and is from Panama. She gets into some strange positions during her photo shoots and when she fucks she likes it cowgirl. She's looking for someone who will spoil her and make her happiness their driving force. She seems like a smart girl but I still don't think it would be too hard to bullshit your way into her bed.

You can see all of Niani's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Check out this hairy school girl called Sunita. She's got a nice muff on her.

Average Milf Has A Trail

This milf Leonarda looks like your average every day lady but once she pulls down her pants, damn, what a totally thick bush she's got. And her trail is doing pretty good too.

Leonardo did a nice job of showing off her fur in this gallery. And I still can't get over that treasure trail. What a pleasant surprise!

In this set she also shows off her ass, just like she does in her other two galleries. That's kind of always expected from the girls at Rico's World anyway. But I like looking at Leonarda here from the front much better.

There's a huge collection of hairy ladies showing off their thick bushes and treasure trails at Rico's World, home of the Hairy Caribbean Woman!

Little Hairy Bitch

I never did mind looking at this little bitch Venus. These shots are from a nice gallery which is actually a dildo set. She spreads her hairy pussy, opens up her hole, and this is a big gallery.

But then she gets the dildo out and you can tell she looks happy to be putting that huge thing in her cunt. I sure wouldn't mind fucking her even though she has pimples on her butt.

I remember that I liked her from the first time I saw her. Her first set was an excellent maid gallery. And I like checking out hairy maids. Right now she has 10 galleries available, and this chick is a obviously a little hottie. And she's a good spreader too.

Venus is 22 years old and says she wants to find a guy who can make her laugh. She also wants to have sex in as many public places as possible. You gotta' love her attitude!

Here are a few comments about her that I liked... Venus you could be my fly trap any day or night. I emptied my balls jerking off to your pics.

Venus is so cute and adorable! I could love her forever!! I would love to be the guy to share all of her fantasies with!

You can see all of Venus' excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Hairy Hottie With Massive Trail

I love it when I find cute hairy girls at Rico's World with massive trails. This hairy hottie Terka looks amazing and it was noticeably hard to narrow today's selection down to these few pictures.

Terka has a hairy ass and a thick bush and her slit looks great. I could look at this chick all day. And her treasure trail is pretty perfect too. Her bush basically extends almost right up to her navel.

She has at least 10 excellent galleries and there's nothing about this cutie not to like, except that she's not here right now.

You can see all of Terka's excellent work at Rico's World.

Hairy Caribbean Girl Brigitta

This hairy Caribbean girl Brigitta did a nice job in this gallery showing off her hairy pits and her thick bush.

She looks like she's really easy to get along with. You can tell she's quite happy to be spreading her pussy.

Brigitta had 12 galleries the last time I checked. When you're surfing at Rico's World, once you know a girl's name you can use their new search engine to find all her galleries quickly. This is very helpful and its a cool new feature.

It was kind of hard to narrow this one down to only four shots. Her thick hairy pits and her thick bush are looking pretty good, and she's a nice spreader.

You can see all of Brigitta's excellent work at Rico's World.

Hairy Hottie Davita

This chick Davita looks totally hot sitting on the porch in her short dress, especially since she's not wearing any panties. And you can see her nice hairy cunt.

Davita says she lost her key. If you help her get into her apartment she'll be really grateful, and she'll give you pussy too. With an offer like that, who could refuse this damsel in distress?

This chick looks really cute when she's looking up at you from the floor. What a little sweety. Do whatever you want to do to her, but remember that she loves getting her hairy pussy licked.

Davita has a nice cunt on her and I really like her thin thighs. She's 19 years old and she's pretty eager to please.

You can see all of Davita's excellent work at ATK Exotics.


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