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Hairy Milf Lifts Her Dress

It's always nice to see a hairy girl lifting up her dress and showing her bush. This hairy milf Melba loves to make new friends and she loves to flash her pussy. What a perfect ice-breaker!

It would be nice to meet more women like this. Melba has a thick muff and a juicy looking cunt. She looks good from the front or the back and she seems to be quite horny.

These shots are from a nice gallery and I loved checking her out. She's got a couple of grey pubes in there but that's ok... We could do it no problem.

You can check out more of Melba and see the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls collection only at Rico's World.

Nice Hairy Babe Sobella

Sobella is a nice looking girl in a great photo shoot here. She takes you out to the back alley where she strips, showing you her nice body and bush.

She's a bit of a tease, so when she finally gets down to business and spreads her legs... and reveals her tasty hairy pussy... you'll be wanting some of that for sure!

Sobella has several sweet galleries available that provide some really nice viewing!

Check out all her work and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls collection at Rico's World.

Hairy Plumper Spreads Her Gash

Check out this hairy teenager Monica Jimenez, who is quite happy to spread her pussy. She came to ATK Hairy last April, and these shots are from her first set.

Monica is 18 years old and has a wide bush. She's very nice and innocent. In person she's rather quiet, reserved and polite. And she also loves to spread her legs.

She's got 10 photo galleries and three movies available, and she also appears at ATK Exotics.

Monica is looking for a guy who is tall and slim, and is also currently looking for a job. She loves to get fucked while laying on her stomach, and she'd like to have sex on a beach, in the rain or snow.

You can see more of Monica at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Jamaican Girl

This hairy girl Marcie is kind of a new addition to ATK Hairy's exotic and hairy section. So far she's got 10 galleries and two movies available.

She's 21 years old but when I first saw her I thought she was older. But that's ok... I'd do her anyway. Marcie is a student who has a hairy pussy and a nice set of tits. She looks like she'd ride it pretty nice too.

This chick has a very suckable pussy. Check out this shot...

Marcie loves to play with her nipples and says her favorite sexual position is back-shot. If you'd like to squirt a load up this chick from behind then come and check out all her work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Slim Hairy Milf Talia

This hairy milf Talia looks pretty good even in her one piece bathing suit. I love seeing basically any bush sticking out. That is a site that is so rare these days.

Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I saw this lady last time I was in Bahamas, but she was fully clothed. She might be one of the women who works at the attractions desk in a hotel. Or not.

I remember there were two ladies there who I both wanted to see naked. But I was with the wife at the time, so the topic never came up.

Next time I'd like to go either alone or with a group of guys. These ladies are so friendly and quite easy to talk to. And if they thought you were actually alone, you could ask her which place to see would be her personal favorite, can you come with me, we should fuck, or at least let me see you naked, and so on.

Anyway, Talia has hairy pits and a hairy pussy. I'd love to have my own shack on the beach to take these women to, even if it does have cardboard walls.

If you like hairy Caribbean girls then Rico's World is some really good surfin'!

Slim Hairy Babe

This hairy milf Loretta from Rico's World is nice to check out. What a hot little chick. And she's got a nice looking cunt on her too.

These shots came from one of her galleries in volume 30, going way back. She can be my girlfriend for sure if she wants, and we'll definitely need to fuck. Alot.

You can see more of Loretta, and check out the hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Random Girls From Ricos Phats

Here's a couple of hairy girls from Rico's Phats that were picked at random...

First is Sagraria, who has a weird name but she's kinda' cute. She sure does have a nice set of tits on her! I think this girl is a housewife. I also liked her in her gallery in volume 135 as well.

This chick has a noticeably tight pussy. She'd be worth coming home to every day.

You can see more of this babe at Rico's Phats.

Next we have another girl who'd love some company. Check out Kattia. This girl is more plump and much younger than Sagraria, but I bet she'd give you a pretty nice fucking all the same.

I like how she poses and I wouldn't be that surprised to learn that she loves to suck cock. Kattia's hairy snapper looks good in some of her shots. I'd do her no problem.

You can see more of these girls and check out lots more hairy Caribbean girls at Rico's Phats. These girls are plump, have big asses and big boobs.

Little Latina Hottie Has A Trail

Check out this little Latina hottie Rhys. She's a very cute girl and she has a really nice body. I like everything about her except maybe for all those tattoos, which I would definitely be able to overlook no problem if we were going to fuck.

Rhys has a nice set of tits on her and she looks totally hot in lingerie. The bush, her hairy pits and her treasure trail combined with her cute smile make up one sweet little dish here.

She had 34 galleries available the last time I checked, and most of those have been marked HOT by other members of ATK. Rhys also has 11 movies too.

I've noticed this girl tends to really grow on you... the more you check her out the more you absolutely love her. And that fact tends to be confirmed in the many comments that people have made about her.

And there are plenty of suggestions for future galleries including some pretty specific ones too. For example, check out what this member had to say - Jeez, Rhys is drop dead gorgeous!! Lovely body and a pair of legs to die for!!! Hope you'll do a nice upskirt photo set with her wearing a nice black mini skirt and a orange/yellow/red/gold top (matching color lace thong) or sexy dress and nice pair of open heels! That would be oh so hot!!

If you want to know more about this girl then check out her full bio, and definitely check out all her excellent work.

You can see more of Rhys and check out their wicked Exotic & Hairy section at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Young Hairy Milf

I like this cool looking chick Carla. She's cute, and she's got a high pussy. This is a term my old boss used to use, but I know what he means. And Carla has one.

This young hairy milf has a decent bush on her too, and wouldn't you love to fuck her? She looks good from behind too.

These shots of Carla are from one of her several galleries that you'll enjoy checking out. Think she'd spend an afternoon taking care of your dick if you bought her some new shoes?

You can check out more of this babe and see the entire hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Caribbean Cutie Holly

Wow, this little chick sure is a sweety! Holly is slim and cute and I like how she spreads.

She's got several galleries available and we talked about her before.

In this one she looks incredibly hot while sitting on that chair. Wouldn't you love to suck her right off?

You can see more of Holly and check out the entire hairy Caribbean girls collection at Rico's World.


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