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Paula In White Panties

Look at the heels on this chick! No wait a minute... look at the bush! This milf looks hot in her white panties especially since they're too skimpy to cover up her bush.

Paula has a fairly wide bush and she looks like she'd give you a serious fucking. She's a nice spreader and her gash looks ready for it.

No bio info is provided, so let me just borrow some info from our trailer trash post back in 2008...

She loves to take it really deep in her hairy ass, and the harder you pound her the more she likes it. If you put your cock anywhere near her mouth she’ll suck it for hours. She’s extremely willing to please, almost to the point of being desperate, and she’ll do just about anything you say. If you just want her to be your piece on the side, so you can go over and fuck her anytime you want and then just leave whenever. She’d rather you stay, but she’s ok with that. She’ll take it.

Let her know when you're coming and she'll have her cunt ready. I'd be over there visiting several times a week.

Check out more of Pauline at Rico's World.

Slim Hairy Babe Shows Pink

Tara sure has a nice bush and trail combination going there! She's tall, flat and slim and she loves to show her gash.

This girl is fairly new at this time, and there was no bio info posted when I first saw her. But there were already three nice galleries and these days they often add new galleries of the newer models fairly quickly. Her first three sets appeared in two days!

So since there is no bio to go with, I'll just make something up... Tara loves to suck cock and loves to rub her slit and her trail on any guy who says he has a hard cock for her.

She craves plenty of daily sex and she'll try anything at least once. She prefers to ride it deep but she'll do it in any position you want, any time you want.

You might have been thinking at first that you'd probably go right through this chick but then she opens up her hole and that no longer really matters. She'll take it deep and nice. Her hole would feel great for sure!

You can see more of Tara's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Manuela Sucks Cock

There are several hairy hotties called Manuela at Rico's World that I really like. This little chick is slim and nice and has a new hairdo for this set.

She does a nice job of sucking some lucky guy's cock in this gallery. In this one that's about all she does, but she looks so hot doing it.

She also looks hot when she lays back and spreads her snatch in many of her other galleries.

This hairy Manuela girl is pretty awesome! You can see more of her and see the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls collection exclusive at Rico's World.

Nice Hairy Snapper

This hairy girl Ligia is a hottie. She's tall and slim and she has a cool short skirt. I love her long hair and she has a really nice ass.

I would jump on this girl no problem and she certainly wouldn't have to ask twice. Ligia has a tight looking hairy pussy and check out the closeup of her in that last shot.

Is that a nice looking snapper or what? I totally want this girl. She needs somebody to do stuff to her.

You can check out more of Ligia at Rico's World. She has some very sweet galleries.

Caribbean Tight Pussy

Check out this tight hairy cutie from Rico's World. Naomi has a nice gap.

Her slit looks very inviting and oh yeah, she has a nice smile too. And I guess you already noticed she has a nice set of tits, right? In this gallery she squeezes them and squirts out some milk. Is she pregnant? Or just magical? Who really cares? The fact is that you'd probably love to stick it right up her tight pussy. And so would I.

So how'd you like to hang out with this little honey? You know, spend some time getting to know each other, spend lots of time fucking, in general, just get her to take care of your dick.

You can see more of Naomi and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls Collection all exclusive to Rico's World. Time well spent, for sure!


I've always liked this little chick. She's pretty cute and she's got nice legs. And a nice ass. I like her smile and her thick bush.

Speaking of bushes, her's looks pretty amazing. You could use something like that to scratch your face. And you probably already noticed she's got a bit of a trail on her as well.

She has a nice shape to her. Wouldn't you love to have a girlfriend like this? If she's willing to strip naked and spread her furry snatch in some back alley on a bunch of old tires, then it would be safe to assume that she'd fuck you just about anywhere, whenever you think of it. I'd take her no problem.

You can check out more of Florecita and enjoy the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Exotic Hairy School Girl

Cheryl wants a ride home. If you saw this lady flashing her bush like that would you stop for her? Who wouldn't?

She has a full bio available and it says she's 23 years old. In some of her sets I think she could pass for 30, and in some maybe not. But her cunt sure looks nice, and she looks especially tight from behind.

Cheryl is only 5'1 and works as a bank teller. She says she likes guys who have a lot of money. Here's another 5 bucks then honey... take your cunt out for me again.

She could do that all day, and while she's at it she could ride your cock for you too. Cheryl likes to sing, dance, bowl and play pool. She's also quite horny too, and she likes to get on top.

You can check out more of Cheryl and plenty more hairy exotic girls at ATK Exotics.

Amazing Hairy Girl

This nice hairy dish named Pina is an awesome babe. She's very cute and she looks highly fuckable with all her nice body hair. I thought this was going to be a cumshot gallery but I chose the wrong set. But this one was excellent too. All of Pina's work is excellent. What a totally fuckable and very hairy and nice dish.

Her pubes are thick and nice, and this gallery has plenty of really good views of her thick treasure trail too. Who wouldn't love to have some hot babe like this waiting at home? I'd be on my way home right fucking now.

Pina has done some very nice work for sure. This chick is so hot and she always seems to make it onto everyone's wish list. Under that thick forest is a really nice cunt too.

You can see more of Pina and lots more hairy Caribbean cuties exclusively at Rico's World, which is well worth checking out.

Cute Hairy Babe Aileena

Check out Aileena. We spoke about her before, back in September 2013. But what a hottie. I want to do her again. This is one sweet looking babe.

The last info I have, she is up to at least 16 galleries now and 6 movies. This chick has a really nice looking pussy and she's a very good spreader. I could look at cute hairy girls like this all day.

I shared most of the personal info that is in her full bio in my last post about her. The only difference now is the age thing... right now I have her as being 20, but didn't it say she was 18 last time? Can't she make up her mind? Maybe she's confused. We should probably fuck.

You can see more of Aileena spreading her tasty hairy pussy and check out the whole exotic and hairy section among thousands of hot hairy girls at ATK Natural & Hairy. Really good stuff!

Hairy Hottie Nina Devon

Check out this petite ebony model Nina Devon. What a little hottie! She's very cute and her bush looks amazing.

She's done lots of work for ATK Hairy, dating back to 2008. She came back again in 2010, 2012 and in January of this year. How we managed to miss her so far is a really good question.

Nina currently has 38 galleries and 11 movies available. Some hardcore sets and movies are included there, and it would probably be a safe bet to say that most of us would absolutely love to screw this babe if given the chance.

She also appears in at least two DVDs: ATK Petite and Hairy vol. 2, and in ATK Natural & Hairy vol. 27: Hirsute Amateurs.

She's from Cleveland, Ohio, and she certainly looks approachable. And cute. You'll also love the fact that she's horny and has a nice bush.

You can check out lots more of Nina at ATK Natural & Hairy.


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