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New Hairy Girl Phoenix

This is a new girl named Phoenix from one of her more recent galleries. She loves to spread her hairy snatch and doesn't mind showing some pink. If you can live with a few stretch marks on her stomach then she'll make you real happy.

Phoenix is a nice spreader and is a hot chick who looks pretty doable. I know I sure wouldn't mind. In some of her shots she makes you just want to get in there and fuck her deep and nice.

This hairy ebony dish is 25 years old and has a 34B bust. She enjoys singing, reading and horseback riding, and says that she wants to be famous. She's certainly on her way to fame now that she's spreading her hairy snatch for us, don't you think?

Phonix had eight galleries available last time I checked, and she had a rating of 4.26.

You can see all of Phoenix's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Ghetto Girl

It's not too often we see hairy ebony girls with blonde hair, so check out this treat Carnesha. She's got a nice thick beaver and she looks awesome when she gets down on her knees and sticks her ass up in the air.

I would absolutely love to fuck her from behind. Twice a day would work for me, and I'd even let her mostly pick the times and the places where we'd do it. That's awfully swell of me, isn't it? No really, I'd treat her like gold.. just like the color of her hair. I wonder if she likes to suck dick?

Carnesha is 18 years old and has a fucking nice cunt. She could be prettier, but she does have a nice body. Her work appears in ATK Exotic's ghetto girls section, where she currently has five nice galleries.

You can see all of Carnesha at ATK Exotics.

Tight Hairy Girl Nurcy

This cute hairy girl Nurcy has a nice tight looking pussy and a partial treasure trail there too. I love today's third picture the most. That view looks so awesome.

I'd guess that Nurcy is still a teenager, and by the way, she also has a nice set of boobs on her too. That looks like a nice handful, doesn't it?

You can also tell that Nurcy loves to have her pussy sucked. Wouldn't you love to have her pumping her hairy snatch in your face, moaning and groaning and begging you to give her your dick?

You can see all of Nurcy's very nice work at Rico's World.

Hirsute Ebony Babe Cecilia

Here's an oldie but goodie from ATK Exotics. This hirsute babe is Cecilia. She has a nice hairy pussy, a treasure trail, hairy nipples and even has hair on her stomach too, which is a rare site.

Cecilia also has hairy arms, hairy legs and a hairy ass... this one is a total hirsute honey for sure, and to top it all off, she's a nice little spreader.

She's done some very nice work, and she's got a nice set of tits on her too. Cecilia is 20 years old and has eight very nice galleries available.

Cecilia has an overall rating of 4.07 out of a possible score of 5, and that rating was given to her by the members of the site. That's a pretty good standing, considering the huge number of exotic girls on the site. But I'm not complaining... Cecilia is an awesome chick and she's always nice to look at for sure.

You can see all of Cecilia's very nice work at ATK Exotics.

Furry Carlota Is Back

Furry Carlota is finally back! This chick has been hugely popular at Rico's World over the years, and it's pretty easy to tell why.

She's got a beautiful, thick furry pussy and very hairy legs. She's a good spreader, as all of Rico's girls are, and she's done lots of great work for the cause so far.

Carlota has some good fuck movies available as well. The movies section of the site is really good. The girls are all very hairy, and you'll notice your cock getting ready just by checking out the thumbnails of all the movies. And once you start checking them out you're gonna' love it. And you can download and keep everything you want.

You can see lots more of hairy Carlota at Rico's World.

Hairy Cutie Maya

Here's a hairy cutie that I know we spoke about before. This awesome hairy babe is Maya. She's 19 years old and is very slim and nice.

She's also got a nice hairy cunt and she's a decent enough spreader. Right now she has 16 galleries and 17 movies available.

We haven't seen anything new from her for a while now but she's still super fuckable. I like everything about this chick, and she's very sweet too.

You can see all of Maya's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Alaceri Gets Fucked

I saw this new movie at Rico's World recently of this amateur girl with huge tits and a hairy cunt, and I couldn't help but notice just how much of an amateur she looks like on film. Oh, and btw, these thumbs are just from the movie previews and are not clickable today.

She spends alot of time looking straight into the camera, as if she is mesmerized by it or something. At times it seems like she's not doing anything at all, just staring into the camera, but any time a dick comes near her she does do what she needs to do. But then she's still spending alot of time looking into the camera. It's a bit annoying at first, but its almost comical. You'll probably find yourself saying out loud, what the fuck you looking at bitch?

This clip comes in about eight parts, and starts off with her sitting on a couch with her tits hanging out. Then a dick appears and she sucks it for a while. Later, she's on a bed spreading her legs and seems to be just waiting there for the dick to come along. You can notice how quickly and obediently she spreads her legs once the guy gets on top of her, and then they fuck.

A few more clips go by of them fucking, and the guy is also playing with her big tits.

This was an entertaining movie but I think this girl needs to stop looking at the camera and get more into her work. Overall it would still be worth jerking off to, so some might say its jerk-worthy.

There are lots of excellent movies available at Rico's World, stuff that is way better than Alaceri, and we will talk more about some of those at a later date.

You can watch Alaceri getting fucked at Rico's World.

Hairy Ebony Nurse

Lucke is a 19 year babe who appears as a hot nurse in the cool hairy gallery. She's always horny and she'll fix you up no problem. Just slip your dick right up her hairy twat from behind and you'll quickly forget all your ills.

She's got a pretty massive set of tits and look at those lips. She looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. What a sweetheart. Oh, excuse me there babe... but you've got a thread hanging down from your nurse's outfit. We should fuck.

Lucke likes guys with long hair and pretty eyes, and is into hair pulling. She describes her ideal man as being honest, trustworthy, intelligent and of course the sex has to be great too. I certainly sex her no problem.

She's got 10 galleries and 16 movies available now, and says her favorite sexual position is on top because she loves to ride it. And her favorite place? Red Lobster. How easy is that?

You can see all of Lucke's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen With Thick Bush

This hairy Caribbean girl Ligia has a really nice bush. She's out in the back alley spreading her pussy and she's looking highly fuckable.

Ligia has a nice cunt and I love those pussy lips. Take a look at that closeup shot. Man, is that awesome or what? You'd you love to spend some quality time with this babe? I know I sure would.

This hairy teen looks great from behind too. And I like her hair. That must've taken her a long time to do.

You can see lots more awesome hairy Caribbean girls only at Rico's World.

Marita's Wide Triangle

Here's a nice little chick with a noticeably hairy pussy that you may not have seen before. This chick Marita has a nice triangle down there. And I like that outfit that she picked out there.

Marita is 25 years old and currently has 10 nice galleries available. You'll enjoy checking her out for sure.

I liked her most recent gallery that appeared in the hairy fun section. Man, is her bush looking full and nice. And I'd love to help her stick that beaded dildo thing in her pussy for a while. Of course I'd soon replace it with my dick. What a honey.

You can see more of this hairy sweetheart at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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