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Busty Babe With A Treasure Trail

Jastar has a nice set of tits on her, and I love how they hang down when she's bending over. I really enjoyed checking out this nice gallery.

She has a nice hairy cunt too, and she looks pretty good in a bikini. I would gladly slip my dick up this hairy slut. She's not bad at all.

One thing you can notice in many of her shots is that Jastar has a treasure trail. She's a pretty good spreader too.

Jastar is 28 years old and currently has 10 galleries available. She loves it doggy style and says that she'd love to have sex on a beach all night long.

You can see all of Jastar's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Thick Furry Cunt On Abigail

Here's some shots from a recent gallery of Abigail, one of the many hairy Caribbean girls from Rico's World. This was a nice gallery of her outside her house showing off her very hairy twat.

Abigail looks pretty sexy with those hairy pits, and looks even hotter when she takes out her cunt and spreads her legs. She's got a nice thick forest and she also likes to show off her ass. She looks pretty nice from behind too, because in most of those shots you can see her bush hanging down.

Check out more of Abigail exclusively at Rico's World.

Slim Horny Girl With Hairy Ass Crack

Diana is a sexy looking babe who is quite horny, and she also has a nice bush. These shots are from one of her 10 available galleries at ATK Hairy, and it was hard to pick out only four shots from this one.

She's got nice lips and she looks like she'd give an amazing blowjob. One thing I noticed about Diana is that she looks good when she's spread in any position. I like her ponytail too. It looks good on her. While you're pounding her hairy ass, it would also give you something to hold on to in case you need to balance yourself. This chick is sweet.

There were several good pictures to choose from in this set. Her bush looks pretty perfect and her cunt looks awesome. In this one she's getting pretty horny, and at one point she's got a couple of fingers up her twat. I would love to rub her off. She is looking very hot in this one for sure.

Diana is 25 years old and says her ideal man is 6'2 with eyes she can stare in forever. I don't like people staring at me too much but she can do that I guess while we fuck. If she's still staring at you after you've shot your load up her hairy cunt and you're trying to relax for a few minutes, after a while it would start to bug you. You'd need to make your exit... Ok, we're done for now babe, so I'll see you tomorrow. Stay cute.

Her sexual fantasy is to make love under an oak tree. Ever notice how many oak trees there are around? Why hasn't she done this yet then? Between indoor fuck sessions you could spend some time with her driving around the neighborhood looking for any good oak trees for you to come back and do it under later. And stop staring at me, bitch. Keep looking for a good tree.

Diana has another 10 galleries over at ATK Exotics too. She likes to screw sideways and loves it when a man goes down on her.

You can see all of Diana's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Thick Luscious Bush

Where'd Raianna come from all of a sudden? She's a very nice babe who has a thick, luscious bush. She was first added to Natural & Hairy on August 25th, and she already had 10 galleries available at ATK Exotics too. I'm glad that she graduated to ATK Hairy.

Raianna is 22 years old and is a social security worker. She's from California and says that she enjoys reading, writing, driving and sex. I sure wouldn't mind having sex with this babe. She's looking pretty horny in her galleries.

In her bio it says that her favorite sexual position is on her side. I'd like her to get on top though. And her ultimate sexual fantasy is to have sex in a rainforest. I'd gladly help her out with that one, that's so easy... just put on a CD of rainforest sounds, blindfold her and then fuck her on a blanket on the floor. And you don't even have to leave the house. How simple is that?

You can see all of Raianna's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cody Has A Treasure Trail

This hairy babe Cody is always a pleasure to look at. She has a nice thick bush and a treasure trail, and she's done some very excellent work.

Cody has hairy legs too, and its very easy to tell that she's a very fuckable little chick. Especially once you see her naked and can't help but notice all that hair around her pussy. Is that awesome or what?

We've talked about Cody before, and she's still as hot as she was. I think most of her pictures say Natural & Hairy on them, but they have all been moved over to ATK Exotics some time ago.

She's got an overall rating of 4.17, which is a decent score. One thing that I noticed about Cody is that she also looks cute when she's fully dressed. But her naked works way better for me.

Cody is only 19 years old and she's also got a decent set of tits on her. Do you see all the balloons in this gallery here? No? Well that doesn't matter much anyway, because I think she really wants to fuck.

You can see all of Cody's excellent work only at ATK Exotics.

Playful Horny Ashley

Here's a cutie by the name Ashley, who is 18 years old and has done a bunch of nice work for ATK.

She's got 10 galleries and eight movies at Natural & Hairy, and another 10 sets over at ATK Exotics. These shots are from her first set, which appeared in the hairy fun section.

When I first saw her, especially today's first picture, I thought this might be some no-neck chick with a half-hairy cunt. But on further inspection it turns out that A: that's not true and B: she's got a thick, furry pussy that she loves to spread. And the no-neck thing was just related to that one picture.

I thought it was kind of cute when she started to strip, and she turned away from the camera but the guy was still snapping pictures the whole time.

Ashley looks quite horny and very playful. Is that a piercing on her pussy? Don't you think she's got a very suckable cunt? We talked about her before, back in November 2008, so if you use the search box on this site you'll find more of her right away.

This chick likes guys with 8" or more, prefers it doggy style, and says she wants to be gangbanged by seven guys while her friend watches. I like her attitude.

You can see all of Ashley's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Helga From Ricosworld

We've talked about Helga here before, and she's still making fresh new galleries. I found this one on the daily updates page at Rico's World quite recently.

Helga is still horny and hairy, and loves to show off her hairy pussy. She also loves to show off her ass too, as do most of Rico's girls.

I'm not sure how many galleries this one has out there now, but there is plenty of her and easily hundreds more like her... hairy, amateur and spread... to get you off no problem. Their movie section is updated every day too, and there is a very good selection there of these girls getting fucked and taking care of every dick that comes near them. These movies are very, very nice, and are worth checking out alone.

You can see all of the Hairy Caribbean Collection only at Rico's World.

Hairy Ghetto Girl

This hairy teenager is called Dawn. She's got a nice hairy pussy that looks wickedly tight, some tattoos on her body and she even has a partial treasure trail too.

Both Dawn and her tight hairy cunt are looking mighty fine in this gallery from the Ghetto Girls section of ATK Exotics. I really enjoyed the upshots in this one as well, but as in all good ATK sets, she does eventually get down on something and spreads her hairy pussy. And Dawn didn't disappoint anyone in this one. I thought this gallery was pretty hot.

She's got nine galleries available as well as 15 movies. You may notice that some of her pictures say Natural & Hairy on them, but that's only because ATK moved them over to Exotics some time ago. There are actually tons of excellent hairy babes including some who are long-time favorites that have been moved over from one site to the other. ATK Exotics is well worth checking out if you're looking for more hairy pussy. And if you want Exotic hairy pussy? Then you're totally in luck!

Dawn here is 18 years old and never did get around to filling out her bio. But as long as she's showing off her hairy snatch then I guess that's what's important, right?

Come and check out all her work at ATK Exotics. That pussy would feel great wrapped around your cock.

Hairy Exotic Babe Chantel

Here's an excellent hairy babe by the name Chantel. She's only 18 years old, has a nice hairy cunt and I think her ass looks pretty smooth. I love seeing hairy black women in white nylons. Actually, black nylons or red ones look nice too on the right girl. Any nylons will really do I guess, as long as she's got a hairy pussy.

She says that she works as a dancer. I'd love to grind my face into her hairy cunt. She looks pretty nice when she spreads her legs. So what does that have to do with music and dancing? Nothing really, I'm just saying... we could put some tunes on then, and then we could fuck. See? There's always some perfect logic.

Chantel gets turned on by dirty talk, spankings, kissing, tight hugs and compliments. I could easily do all that stuff for her and more. Where do I sign up to be the next guy who gets to bang her?

She says in her bio that she wants to go to college and then become a paramedic. That could come in quite handy if you were fucking her and pulled a nut or something, then she'd know what to do.

Chantel likes it doggy style the best, and that's ok too because she happens to look pretty damned nice from behind as well.

Oh right... I was talking about this excellent babe... she's got 15 galleries at ATK Exotics that are in a bunch of different sections. She's in black women, thick women, upskirts and panties, toys, and then she's also got 12 movies.

This chick has a nice hairy pussy, hairy pits, and fucking nice ass, and she's a great spreader. There's enough excellent stuff at ATK Exotics just of this chick alone to get you off no problem. In case you haven't already guessed, I'd take this one no problem.

You can see all of Chantel's excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Thick Furry Pussy

Cody has done some excellent work for ATKingdom in her time. She's got a nice, very thick bush on her and her treasure trail is one of the thickest I have seen for a while.

This chick also has hairy legs as well, and she's a very fuckable little thing. She even looks cute when her clothes are still on.

She's 19 years old and has an overall rating of 4.17, which was given to her by the members of ATK Exotics.

You see the balloons in this gallery here? I think that means she wants to fuck.

You can see all of Cody's excellent work at ATK Exotics.


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