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Big Hairy Snapper

Brandyna sounds like an ordinary name and this chick is kind of an ordinary looking girl too, except that she has a nice ass. If you take a closer look at this girl then you'll notice what a nice ass she's got, and she's actually kind of cute after all.

These shots are from an excellent gallery, and it was kind of hard to pick out only four shots from this one. She's got pointy nipples and a nice hairy triangle between her legs.

And then when she sits down in that chair and spreads her snatch... holy fuck, what a nice looking snapper she's got there. That looks awesome.

How'd you love to stick your dick right up that? This would be one of those moments in your life when nothing else matters. Let's just fuck, babe.

This was one of the rare galleries from Rico's World where the girl didn't seem to show off her ass. They obviously must've been taken by that wicked cunt of her's.

You can see lots more of Brandya and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Awesome Babe Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a super sweet hairy babe that just became one of my favorite models from ATK Hairy. She was added to the site about a month ago, and she already has ten every excellent galleries.

This chick is an excellent spreader and looks awesome from the front and especially from behind. There are tons of excellent shots of her spreading her nice cunt in both those positions.

I'd love to check her out more up close and personal, and I mean so up close that my dick goes right up her nice hairy cunt. She looks totally hot, and I'd love to see how nicely she can pump a cock.

Brooklyn is 27 years old and works as a model and lap dancer. She could get on top and rub her wet slit against my dick any day.

She's from England and says that she prefers to screw reverse cowgirl style but that wouldn't really matter once you check out all her perfect pictures. You'd be glad to let her do you in any position. p You can see all of Brooklyn's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Blowjob Machine

All of a sudden this hairy cutie Sabrina is a total entrepreneur. She's an ambitious girl who decides to make some extra coin by making her own blowjob machine.

She finds a discarded cardboard box, cuts a few holes in it and makes up a sign... Blowjob Only $1.

Are you fucking kidding me? A blowjob for only a dollar? Talk about recession-buster pricing or what? I would love to slip my dick down her throat. I'd be one of her best customers.

She even has a built-in seat in the back so she doesn't have to stay on her knees.

This chick is pretty sweet and has some very nice galleries available.

You can see more of Sabrina at Rico's World.

Exotic Hairy Girl Kali

Kali is nice and slim and looks like a very exotic babe. She's dark-skinned but also looks like she has some asian persuasion there too. She's a bit flat but she's got a nice cunt on her. I'd love to do this little hottie any time.

This photoshoot took place in a greenhouse. We could go and fuck there any time she wants. How'd you love to have this cutie ride your cock deep every time you go in there with her? You'd take "an interest" in plants and stuff pretty quickly, wouldn't you?

We spoke about Kali when she was new to ATK Hairy back in 2008. She currently has 10 galleries available, and there is a very nice variety of sets of this hairy babe there. She's also got four more sets at ATK Exotics including some hardcore ones.

Kali is 22 years old and enjoys rock music. She says that she gets turned on by sexy lips and strong hands. Other than that, she loves to get on top and says that she hopes she's on top of you in your dreams.

You can see lots more of Kali at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Loshanda

Here's a hairy cutie that I found at ATK Exotics. Her name is Loshanda, and as you can see, she's looking pretty sweet.

Loshanda is 21 years old and currently has eight nice galleries including some hardcore stuff and a blowjob series. I'd love to be the one who gets to supply a cock for this little chick to take care of. She looks quite hot when she's polishing a knob.

And she also looks hot when she's getting fucked too. This is one hairy amateur girl that I would love to bang.

You can see all of Loshanda at ATK Exotics.

Hairy Outdoor Spreader

Check out this nice hairy outdoor spreader Renata from Ricosworld. I've always loved seeing hairy babes spreading their hairy twats outside, and you can find tons of girls outside at Rico's World. That's part of the reason why I like the site so much.

It also has alot to do with the fact that the girls are almost exclusively hairy. I've seen a few models here and there who look like they are recovering from a previous shave. I don't even know who any of those girls are because I rarely look at those galleries when they do appear.

Hair is good. And there's so many awesome hairy babes who go from average looking to super hot.

This gallery of Renata was excellent. I really enjoyed this one because she's slim how I like them, and she's got a thick, furry pussy that she loves to spread. I would love to slip my dick up her any time.

You can see lots more of Renata and lots more hairy women at Rico's World.

Hairy Indian Babe Ana

Ana is a hot little hairy Indian chick who is actually from Seattle. She's from ATK Exotics, where she has 20 nice galleries mostly in the East Indian girls section. There are also some more recent sets of her in the pregnant section too.

This chick has hairy legs and a nice cunt, and it's no wonder she finally got knocked up. Who wouldn't love to squirt load after load up her tight cunt?

Ana is 23 years old and is into painting, plaster body casting and belly dancing. She'd love to find a guy who has dark eyes, long hair and is a bit of a rebel.

You can see all of Ana's very nice work at ATK Exotics.

Big Gash On Hairy Joanda

I like this hairy girl Joanda. She's a cute looking lady and when she spreads her legs you notice right away what a big gash she has.

Joanda looks alot like a girl that I used to fuck. Her hair is exactly the same, she was leggy and cute, and every time we were out together every guy would be looking at her. My girl didn't have quite as big a slit as Joanda here does, but I certainly wouldn't hold that against her.

I saw a few really nice sets of this chick on Rico's daily updates page recently. She looks like she'd be great fun to hang out with.

You can see more of Joanda and all the hairy Caribbean girls exclusively at Rico's World.

Hairy Cutie Icyess

This hairy cutie Icyess has long slim legs and a really nice body. She looks great in a short skirt, or basically all the time. She looks pretty hot too once she starts getting naked.

Icyess has a nice ass and she's very cute too. She's a great spreader and I really like the fact that she has no fat on her thighs. Her hole would feel great, and with no extra meat on her legs you'd be able to slip inside her that much further.

She has 10 galleries and 20 movies available at ATK Hairy, and another 15 photo sets at ATK Exotics. I would love to have this babe as my personal sex slave.

Icyess is only 19 years old and is from California. She loves to hang out at the beach and likes any and all sex positions.

You can see lots more of Icyess at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Triangle On Anjie

Anjie is all set for the day. She's ready to go shopping... she has her purse and her hat on, only she wants to get laid before she goes. This chick has a wide triangle and her pussy looks wet and ready.

I noticed a few nice galleries of Anjie on the daily updates page lately. She's got a nice set of tits on her too. Those would be great to have dangled in your face while she rides your cock. That's a pretty nice handful she's got there.

Towards the end of the set she gets on her knees and shows off her ass, and that's typical for the galleries at Rico's World. Just about every girl does that and I think it's kind of like a signature pose to end every nice set.

You can see more of Anjie and check out all the hairy Caribbean girls exclusively at Rico's World.


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