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Hairy Caribbean Teen Amelia

Here's a nice little hairy Caribbean teen that I came across in my Rico's file recently. This is Amelia. She's cute and she's a good spreader.

This chick has a really nice ass too, but I didn't have room for any of her ass shots in today's post. That's too bad, because she looks really nice from behind. This was a nice gallery and it was pretty hard to narrow it down to only four shots.

Amelia looks pretty cute and totally fuckable when she's standing there with her pants pulled down. But she looks even better once she takes them off and starts showing off her tight hairy twat. This chick also has hairy legs too, and overall she's definitely worth checking out.

You can see lots more of Amelia at Rico's World.

Nice Hairy Bitch

Here's a girl that we never talked about before. This is Passion, who appears in ATK's exotic and hairy section. She's got some nice galleries there as well as 17 movies.

Passion is only 19 years old but to me she looks older than that. She's got a nice bush and a bit of a hairy ass crack too.

In these pictures she's smiling and looks happy but in some of the other shots in this same set she looks like she could be a real bitch. I'd love to lay the bitch down and fuck that tight cunt of her's deep and nice. But just when you think you're doing it to her nice, she'd start pumping her cunt at you because she wants to be in charge of when you cum. But that's ok, I'd still do her no problem.

Passion never did get around to completely filling out her bio, and I don't know why we never got around to talking about her before either. She sure is worth checking out though.

You can see all of Passion's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Thick Hairy Bush

I went looking through my Rico's file for some nice hairy babe to post and didn't have to look very far at all. This was the first girl I clicked on, and she'll certainly do.

This hairy ebony girl Lucila is a bit of a cutie. She has a nice smile, hairy pits and a very thick bush. I had forgotten all about her, but I must say it was nice to see this girl again. My only problem was trying to narrow this one down to only four shots.

Lucila is posing in one of Rico's famous outdoor locations, and she does a very nice job of showing off her thick furry pussy for us. She looks pretty fuckable from behind too.

In one of these shots you can notice that she has a partial treasure trail. How'd you like to get that tight hairy pussy shoved into your face? Would you suck her off or what? I'd do that for her but then she'd have to get on top and ride it deep. Real deep. What a dirty little slut.

You can see lots more of Lucila at Rico's World.

Horny Hairy Teen Myra

Myra here seems like a really down-to-earth girl. She's slim and horny, and has a bit of a trail there too.

She loves to spread her legs and show off that nice pussy of her's. She also has a nice ass too.

Myra really looks like an average girl at the beginning of this set. She has on a sweater and a cut-off denim skirt. But it doesn't take too long for her to lose all that stuff and start showing off her nice furry pussy. I'd love to slip my dick in her.

She's 19 years old and has 10 galleries and 22 movies at ATK Hairy, so if you like this honey there's plenty of nice stuff there to get you off. I don't know why, but I just get the feeling that I'd love to squirt on her stomach while I rub my dick along her slit.

This hairy teen likes hard dicks and likes to do it doggie style. She's from L.A. and would love to do some fucking outside in the rain. I'm up for that any time.

You can see all of Myra's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Total Cutie Cendra

Here's a total Caribbean cutie called Cendra. This chick is a total babe. She's slim and nice, she's got a really nice set of tits on her, she's got a really nice ass too, and then there's that cunt.

Holy shit, does that thing look powerful or what? I would absolutely love to grind it deep up that hot pussy. She looks like she could squeeze the cum right out of your dick any time she wants. I am so in love with this sweetheart right now.

These shots are from an excellent gallery. It's too bad that I didn't have enough room to show you guys what a nice set of tits she has too. I liked her right from the beginning of this set where she's got that skimpy yellow shirt pulled down and her tits are sticking right out so you can't miss them. And then she's got that little string around her waist that barely covers her cunt. She looks totally hot.

How would you love to run into this little hottie in the back alley there? Or anywhere, really? Her cunt is so nice that any hairy pussy lover would be glad to suck or fuck that for hours at a time no problem. This chick really is super sweet. I want to spin her on my dick.

You can see more of Cendra and check out the entire hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Sweet Hairy Indian Babe

Natasha here is a total sweetheart. She's a cute girl who has a nice bush and a really nice cunt. Natasha looks great in every picture, and it was kind of hard to narrow this one down to only a few shots.

We spoke about her before, and she's still always a pleasure to check out some more. I really love today's fourth picture. That hairy cunt would sure feel good wrapped around your cock.

Natasha is from London and says she likes it missionary style. That would be perfect, and so would any position really. There's something about the way she's spreading there on the table that looks pretty hot too. Damn, is she cute.

She works in administration and says that she loves to go to pubs, clubs, etc. From reading her full bio, she sounds like she'd be alot of fun to hang out with. Especially if you were banging her too.

You can see all of Natasha's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Bush on Yadira

I was checking out this cutie called Yadira the other day and couldn't help but notice what a really nice bush she's got. And I like the treasure trail too.

She doesn't look too happy in that first picture but then as we go through the set she starts looking alot more fuckable. I can see a big difference even between today's first and second pictures. Once she starts showing off the whole package, that's when she's looking her best.

Once you notice what a super thick bush she's got there between her legs, and there's even a noticeable treasure trail too, it gives her that much more sex appeal, like instantly.

This set is actually pretty old. I found it in something like volume 30 or so. But I always like going through the older stuff on the site as well, because it always seems like I missed so much the last time. See how it paid off anyway? This chick is pretty sweet and she's quite fuckable too.

You can see more of Yadira and lots more at Rico's World.

Hairy Christmas Treat Jada

Here's another Christmas treat for everyone. This is Jada, who we spoke about not too long ago. When I was checking out her work I also found this nice set of her in a Santa hat and some skimpy Christmas costume thing. She does look sexy in it but the best part is that in this gallery she doesn't keep it on for very long.

This set is really part of a dildo gallery. Anyone would be more than happy to give her a dick, so she doesn't really need her dildo for much then, does she? I love the fact that this cutie is so slim and nice. She has a nice ass and a really nice cunt too.

Jada has 14 very nice galleries available now, as well as 24 movies. She's 22 years old and she's from Detroit.

She says that she'd love to get good head all day, and I'd think that she would have quite a few guys to choose from if she made her contact info public.

You can see lots more of Jada at ATK Exotics. :)

Hairy Caribbean Girl Aida

Aida looks alot like an average, everyday girl that you'd see walking the streets anywhere in the Caribbean, only this one is extremely horny and is easily persuaded to strip for the camera.

Talk about a pair of saggers, eh? Holy shit! But this girl has quite a nice cunt once she takes it out. I like her thick bush and I love the way you can still see her pussy lips peeking out from all that fur. Her pussy sure looks pretty tight too, doesn't it? I guess we can forgive her for those saggers then.

These shots are from a very nice gallery, and it was a bit of a challenge to narrow it down to only four posts. Aida looks pretty sexy when she bares her ass towards the end of the gallery while she's not looking directly at the camera. I included that first shot of her showing her ass instead because in that one she's still got some clothes on and you can tell that this gallery starts off with her wearing jeans.

You can see lots more of Aida and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Sexy Ebony Police Woman

I was surfing around at ATK Exotics the other day and just for something to do I went to their search engine and selected black girls and trimmed pussy. This is something that I've only really ever done once before, because by habit I always choose the hairy option. I was really surprised with the results that I got.

There are tons of awesome ladies on this site that I have never really seen before. They do have hair on their cunts but of course they are trimmed, like this one cutie that I came across by the name of Jada.

Jada used to trim around the edges of her bush but man, what a total sweetheart. She's got a nice looking cunt on her and I'm kind of in love. I was thinking that she'd look way hotter with a massive bush but this is still pretty damned nice.

After checking further, I noticed that this is the same Jada from Natural & Hairy that we spoke about before, back around the time when she first appeared there. She has 10 excellent galleries at ATK Hairy now, btw. These shots are from 2007, and she made it onto Natural & Hairy in February 2008.

She appears in my model directory at Hairy Pussy Shots, or to see more of what we have already posted on her you can also use the search feature on this page.

Jada has 14 galleries and 24 movies available at ATK Exotics now. Most of the photo sets have been marked as hot, and most of the movies are hardcore scenes. There is also a movie series of her there as a police woman.

So would you let this chick "arrest" you or what? She's gonna' want you to give her head all day though. This girl loves to have her pussy licked and also likes to get fucked doggy style. There are some very nice shots of her from behind in this gallery, and she also happens to have a nice ass.

Jada is 22 years old and lists her occupation as a model. She enjoys shopping, travel and reading, and absolutely loves getting head. She seems to also be quite in love with money.

You can see Jada's excellent work at ATK Exotics.


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