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Lots Of Thigh Spillage

Eve is always a pleasure to look at, and its nice to have her back here at Dark and Furry once again. We spoke about her before, twice actually, and every time I post pictures of this dish I always hear good comments about her.

Eve looks great in blue jeans, she's got a nice ass and when she takes her cunt out, that looks good too. I love the thigh spillage as well.

She's got 10 galleries at ATK Hairy and another 19 sets at ATK Exotics. She's 26 years old and likes to get on top or do it doggy style. She could take her pick. I'm not so picky.

Eve is from San Francisco and enjoys dancing, shopping and singing. She'd like to find a guy who has good teeth, muscles, intelligence and a sense of humor.

You can see lots more of Eve at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sweet Hairy Babe Nina

I did a search for hairy girls over at ATK Exotics and came across this sweet hairy babe called Nina. She's done a ton of excellent work for ATK throughout her career.

Nina has 54 galleries available, and most of those have been marked as hot by the members of the site. She also has nine movies and she's appeared in some of ATK's DVDs.

She's in ATK Petite & Hairy, Vol. 2 and in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 27: Hirsute Amateurs.

This Nina chick is an excellent babe. She's a nice spreader and she's got an overall rating of 4.22 out of 5.

Nina is only 5'2, she's 21 years old and she likes tall, funny guys. She likes it cowgirl style which would be perfect because you'd be able to stare at her nice body while she fucks you. This little thing is quite a hottie.

You can see all of Nina's excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Very Hairy Babe Cody

Its great to have Cody back. She hasn't done any new work for a long time that we know of but its always nice to see her here again all the same.

These shots are from another of her excellent galleries. Cody is a very nice spreader and she's got a very hairy pussy, lots of thigh spillage and a trail. She's also got hairy armpits and a hairy ass.

This is one of her dildo galleries but it was a really nice one. She sure does smoke that dildo pretty nice. You can tell that she would give an amazing blowjob.

She's got a personal bio available as well, but we won't include anything from that since we've posted her before. A few times. If you want to find those posts and some more pictures of this babe, just type her name into the search box and hit enter.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Exotics.

Nice Shape To Coco

This hairy cutie Coco has a pretty nice shape to her. Her thighs are not fat, she's got a nice ass, she's a nice spreader and her pussy looks really nice. I like that perfect triangle and her pussy lips too. My dick would love to go there.

Coco is 24 years old and has done some nice work for ATK. I liked all her sets, and there are also 15 movies clips of her as well.

Its strange that I seemed to have overlooked this babe before. She has an overall rating of 3.08 out of 5 which is nothing special. I'm putting that one down to the fact that it has been a while since her last gallery came out. I'd love to see ATK get this babe back. This past year ATK has been bringing back many of their previous models and its always nice to see more of them.

What is that black mark around her asshole in the last picture? That looks like either a clump of hair or it could be a shadow created by her deep hole. It kind of looks strange but still nice. We better send someone in there and check that out right away. Would anyone like to volunteer for that duty?

Coco says she gets turned on by smelly men and likes dancing slow. She's a runway model or hopes to be, and she likes it doggy style. I don't think you should ever cross this one because she looks like she could be a real evil bitch if she wanted to be. But in the meantime, I'd love to get together with her and do alot of fucking.

You can see all of Coco's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Massive Bush and Treasure Trail

I was really admiring this girl's work the other day. As you can easily tell, Marlene from Rico's World has a massive bush and a very wide treasure trail. That is always so nice to see, because you'd be able to spot that from across the room no problem.

Marlene has a thick bush and nice pussy lips too. I also really like the thigh spillage. Take a closer look at today's third shot and you'll see what I mean. Is that enough to hook you or what? Are you ready for a hot, hairy Caribbean girl? I know I sure am.

And did you notice that some lucky guy is playing with her nice hairy cunt in the last shot? Her pussy lips look great when they're spread apart. I'd really love to fuck this one deep.

You can see all of Marlene's excellent work at Rico's World.

Hairy Quality Babe

Carmel here looks like a really fine piece of ass. She's an awesome babe who has been coming out with some totally excellent galleries lately.

She currently has 10 photo sets and three full-length movies at ATK Hairy. This babe is fucking nice and its not hard to tell just from these four shots.

This gallery was excellent too, and it was kind of hard to narrow it down to only four shots. This chick is an excellent spreader and I'm in love.

She's only 19 years old and she has a 36B bust. She's into Rap, trip-hop, R&B, Soul, and she says that she's a full time student. I don't know about you guys, but I sure wouldn't mind grinding my dick right up her nice hairy twat.

Carmel is from Seattle, and in her bio it says that she has something pierced. I didn't notice. What is pierced on this chick? Her ears? Maybe above her belly button? She sure does have a nice bush too, don't you think?

You can see all of Carmel's excellent and current work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

P.S. I've got two galleries here of the babe. Check these out as well...


Hairy Teen Slut

Natasha looks really sexy in that denim outfit. She's got a nice set of nuts on her and she looks hot when she squeezes them together. Ok, I'm ready. Take your cunt out, babe.

I'd love to have her get on top and fuck it. This hairy teen is looking really hot. She sure looks pretty nice from a front view, but she does have a bit of a rump on her. So when she rides me she'll have to be facing me, and that way I can also play with her nice firm tits.

There was one picture in this gallery that I really liked, but at that point she still had her underwear on and you couldn't see her cunt yet. She was squatting down leaning towards the camera while she was holding herself up with one arm and pushing her tits against her chest with the other. It could only have been more perfect if you could have seen her tight cunt in that one. I want her on top of me now.

You can see all of Natasha's excellent work at Rico's World.

Hardcore Jordan

Jordan looked totally hot in this awesome action scene that was just released recently. It starts off with the guy stripping her, and even though you can only see her trail in the first few shots, she looks hot already.

This chick gives the lucky guy a foot job and at one point she's even on her knees rubbing the guy's dick with her feet from beind her. Is she talented or what? I usually wouldn't care so much about a lousy foot job but something about Jordan doing it looks so incredibly hot.

After that she polishes his knob for a while and then they fuck. There are lots of perfect shots of the guy's cock going up her nice hairy pussy in several positions. Yes, this was an awesome gallery.

Jordan has 24 galleries now and counting, and seven of those are hardcore scenes. There are also two full-length movies in case you'd like to see her getting fucked on film.

She's got a rating of 4.50, which is pretty excellent, but then she has been coming out with alot of really nice stuff since her return to ATK.

Jordan is 24 years old and has a thick bush, a hairy ass and a trail that is so wide you could see it from across the room.

You can see all of Jordan's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Felicia's Thick Furry Pussy

Felicia's thick hairy cunt looks amazing in this hot nylons gallery, and so does she. In that first shot I think she looks very sexy while she's removing her nylons, and then by the second shot where you get to see that nice hairy pussy, you're really glad that she did.

This chick also has hairy legs, a trail and a nice smile. She's also got a pair of juicy looking cunt lips and she's a very nice spreader too.

Felicia has a bunch of excellent galleries available, as well as eight more sets at ATK Exotics. I've checked out all her work quite thoroughly and I liked every gallery. This chick is pretty easy to look at, and for obvious reasons.

She's 27 years old and works as a waitress. She says she likes nice people and is looking for a guy with respect. Once you see her with her cunt out, how could you not respect her anyway? That is one nice looking gash.

You can see all of Felicia's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Very Hairy Honey

This awesome hairy babe Manuela is tall and slim and quite leggy, and highly fuckable. She looks awesome in a bikini because you can easily see that she's got lots of hair that no bikini could completely cover.

This was an excellent gallery and it was really hard to narrow this one down to only four shots. There are some perfect closeup shots of her pussy, and she has nice cunt lips too. How'd you like to get her to shove that nice hairy cunt into your face?

This chick has some really nice galleries and I can't believe that I've never posted her before. I was checking out a bunch of her sets that I saved a while ago. I am so in love with this honey. She's super hairy and has a nice shape to her. I liked that gallery where she was sucking some lucky guy's asshole, and I bet she had her tongue stuck in there too. I want her to do that to me. No wonder the guy shot his cum all over her bush.

This little honey is super hot. We'll have her back again some time for sure.

You can see all of Manuela's excellent work at Rico's World.


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