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Caribbean Babe With Nice Bush

Next up we have Dismery from Rico's World. I really enjoyed checking out her work. She looks pretty easy to get along with and she's a nice spreader too.

And by the way, how can you not like her bush? She shows off her nice hairy cunt and her ass pretty nicely in this set.

I'm pretty sure she was a new model back in early 2009 but don't quote me on that. I'm still undecided whether I like her more from the front or the back because she looks good both ways. But those views of her spreading her legs are nice.

You can see more of Dismery at Rico's World.

Hairy Sweety Jamire

This little chick is totally sweet. I would love to get to know this girl real well. She's young and slim and has some very nice hair.

I've really enjoyed checking out all of Jamire's work. This particular gallery was new back in April 09. I love today's last shot. This babe's hairy cunt sure looks like it would feel super nice for your dick.

You can see more of Jamire and check out lots of exclusive hairy Caribbean cuties only at Rico's World.

Hairy Milf Takes a Cumshot

Check out this hairy milf called Fatima. She's from Rico's World and she's done some pretty nice work. You might think that maybe she's just an average looking milf at first but once she gets her clothes off you quickly notice that nice hairy snatch of her's.

She looks pretty good especially once she gets down and opens her legs. That cunt looks pretty tasty, doesn't it? And I'm sure her hairy hole would feel pretty good for your dick too.

In this gallery she sucks some dick, gets her hairy pussy fucked and then she takes a cumshot on her bush. I wouldn't mind fucking her for a while and passing some time. I would love to see for myself how nice her cunt would feel. Wouldn't you?

You can see all of Fatima's very nice work exclusively at Rico's World.

Hairy Babe Jordan

Its always a pleasure to check out more of this nice hairy dish Jordan. She's one of my favorite hairy black babes from ATK Hairy. There are too many to list just off the top of my head but anyway, these shots are from one of my favorite galleries of Jordan.

What an excellent set. This one was very hard to narrow down to only four shots. She's got a treasure trail, a wide, massive bush and a hairy ass, and she looks great from the front or from behind.

She's got 26 galleries including some hardcore ones as well as four full movies. She's also got 25 more galleries over at ATK Exotics.

Jordan is 24 years old and says she likes a guy with a nice dick. She likes to do it doggy, cowgirl and missionary and says she'd like to be able to have more man time. I'd always have time for her, no problem.

You can see all of Jordan's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Caribbean Milf

This hairy Caribbean milf Izabella has a wide and fairly thick triangle. I was checking out that closeup shot of her bush and it looks like she's starting to lose some of her pubes. But maybe that's just how her hair grows, who knows? Her bush does look thick though.

She looks pretty happy when she's flashing her tits. And when she shows off her hairy pussy it looks pretty good. I especially like today's third shot even though she's not smiling because you can see how thick that forest is between her legs and you can see all that thigh-spillage. That's a pretty nice view.

You can check out more of Izabella at Rico's World.

Tight Hairy Slit

This hairy girl Chantel sure has a tight looking slit. She looks cute and I like her triangle too. Chantel also happens to be a nice spreader.

She's got 10 galleries at ATK Exotics and most of them have been marked hot by the members of the site. There are some really nice sets there. She's got a current rating of 4.63 out of 5.0 which is pretty good.

Chantel is only 18 years old is from California. She's only 5 feet tall and weighs 115 pounds. Hmmm... what a nice little chick. That hairy cunt of her's looks like it would feel nice and tight.

This chick has a nice smile. She enjoys working out and says athletic bodies turn her on. She likes to do it doggy style but I really like the way she looks when she's on her back with her legs spread.

She'd like to find someone who is open-minded and caring, and she says she'd like to get fucked on the hood of a car on a rainy, stormy night.

You can see all of Chantel's excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Very Hairy Cutie Manuela

What a hairy cutie this chick Manuela is. This was a really nice gallery and it was pretty hard to narrow this one down to only these four shots. I wanted to show at least one picture of her with her clothes on because she looks pretty hot in that skirt.

She's a nice dish for sure. She's slim and cute, she's got long legs, and she' a very pretty girl. Manuala has hairy pits and a massive bush. I know lots of you guys already want to fuck this one. I would love to give it to her too.

Manuela has done some really nice work at Rico's World. I have more galleries of this sweetheart and I really like her too, so we'll have her back again some time for sure. Wouldn't you love to have a personal fuck toy like this around the house? Yes! Yes! Yes!

You can see all of Manuela's excellent work at Rico's World.

Thick Pussy Lips On Neela

You guys know I love seeing girls with meaty pussy lips, right? Well, this babe Neela is not only cute, but she has a nice body and she looks totally fuckable when she spreads her legs. Even when she's not spreading her legs and you can see her cunt lips. I would love to give it to this honey. And I'd love to suck her cunt too.

Neela has done alot of work for ATK. She has 14 galleries at ATK Hairy including some hardcore sets, plus she has two very nice movies. There's so much content available of this nice dish, I think we'll have her back again soon.

At ATK Exotics she has 22 more galleries and then she's got another 14 sets at ATK Petites. She's been a busy girl. I like that. We should fuck.

I also have these two galleries that I made. In the first one she's just looking hot. When she was on the bench all of a sudden she started taking a whizz and her yellow piss was squirting out. There were lots of shots of her leaning way back and spreading wide there.

In the second gallery, Neela was in a workout room but all she was doing really, was showing off her nice hairy cunt and doing some spreading on the floor. This was a nice gallery too. I love that fourth shot where she is squatting down and you can see her pussy lips hanging there. This little chick is super sweet. I would love to have her get on top of my dick. Her cunt looks great.

So here's those two galleries then...

Gallery One - Neela outside
Gallery Two - Neela working out

Neela is 31 years old and says she is a recruiter. For what, she didn't say. She likes hip hop and gets turned on by being kissed all over. She'd like to meet a guy who is hot, tall, funny, aggressive and kind. If she met me, I'd kindly kiss her all over and especially on her pussy. And then we should fuck of course.

You can see lots more of Neela at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Busty Babe Marchea

Next up is Marchea, who is here by request. Holy shit, what a huge set of tits on this chick. This one is very nice to look at.

She's only 19 years old, she has a 42DD bust and she has ten galleries that have all been marked as hot as well as three full-length movies.

I really enjoyed checking out her work. She's cute too. I love these sets that R. Williams does on that white fur bedspread. Every gallery that I've seen of his in that green room always has some excellent spreadshots, and this one delivered pretty nicely too.

Marchea works as a waitress and says her hobby is doing nails. It really shows. This girl is very talented in that regard. I did notice the detail that went into her nails while I was looking at her galleries.

She dreams about owning her own salon. She should go for it because she has some very good skills there. I would even back her financially but of course I would only do that if I was fucking her regularly.

Marchea also has a hairy ass too. Take a look at this gallery that I made of her.

Marchea likes tall men and likes to do it doggy style. She's into being tied up and spanked and her pussy looks good. I'd love to either get on top of this babe or have her get on top of me and hang those huge tits in my face while we fuck.

You can see all of Marchea's very nice work at ATK Exotics. :)

Hairy Teen Kelsea

This cutie Kelsea is a current model around ATK Hairy. I didn't have to look very far before I found this honey. She's got eight galleries now, and this one just came out the other day.

Kelsea also has another ten photo sets over at ATK Exotics as well. In this one she's doing a nice workout. I want to be there and workout with her. There's plenty of excercises we can do together on that bench. The floor is good too.

I love when she pulls her panties up into her slit and you can see her bush sticking out all around. I like when she spreads her cunt too. She slit looks tight and she's got a tight ass too.

Kelsea is 18 years old and says she likes guys with facial hair and nice lips. She's from Seattle, Washington, and likes it doggy style.

You can see more of Kelsea's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.


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