Hairy Milf Ghetto Girl

I saw a note beside this gallery where the photographer was explaining about how they often get referrals from some of the girls that they photograph. Anyway, he went one day to meet a girl in a park and she didn’t show. But while he was there he spotted Kiarra there and struck up a conversation with her.

At first he didn’t really want to work with her because he thought she was too chubby, but he gave her his card anyway. A few days later she called and he tried to put her off by saying that right now he was only working with hairy girls.

She giggled into the phone and the rest is history. Here she is spreading her legs, and yeah, she’s got a nice bush on her for sure.

Kiarra in turn recommended some of her friends who have hairy pussies too, and in all there is a very interesting collection of hairy girls there. You won’t find any glamour models there, this place is all about regular everyday girls that they meet in every day places. But damn, do they ever come up with some really hairy bushes.

You can see more of Kiarra and her very hairy friends at Black Gurlz. 🙂