Check out the massive bush on this girl Punkie. They say that this one has never shaved and I believe it. I haven’t seen Punkie smile yet but when you’ve got such a nice cunt and such a massive bush in the room, who really cares about some dumb smile?

Punkie was introduced to Black Gurlz by another model, and that’s often how they meet their new hairy models. They pay the girls a finder’s fee for bringing new girls aboard, and it works out well because the girls are already pre-qualified (hairy). And this one sure was too.

When she started her first photo shoot, she didn’t seem all that relaxed and trying to make her more comfortable seemed to be like trying to break down a wall. But in the end she did some really nice spreading from the front and the back and holy shit, what a massive bush she’s got too.

While checking out her work you really can’t help but notice how awesome Punkie looks from behind. And from the front, the slit under her forest looks very inviting too. I don’t care if she has an attitude. I’d love to ram it deep up her hairy twat for hours.

You can see Punkie’s excellent work at Black Gurlz.