I was reading that comment again where someone asked me to post some mommas. You mean like momma in that 70’s show Good Times? If that were the case then a momma would be on the short side, heavy, and have a huge set of tits. When you say a momma, I always seem to think of the Aunt Jemima pancake lady. She also fits into that prior description of what a momma might be. Am I way off here, and you really want me to post some hairy little snotty bitch ghetto whore with a hairy cunt? I can do that too.

Well if you like well-built, large women with massive tits and big asses, then I’ve got a real treat for you. Did you ever check out a site called Rico’s Phats? It’s an excellent site that is much less known than Rico’s World is, but holy shit do they ever have alot of nice babes with big asses, huge, huge tits and there’s even alot of hairy pussy too. After all, these are still Caribbean girls we’re talking about. That should keep you busy for quite a while.

Check out some of these samples that they gave me. There’s some pretty nice looking ladies here. That first one Joslyn has a nice hairy cunt. I’ve seen her in some other sets. That second picture of a lady called Cindarella sure has wide hips.

Ileana actually appears twice here today, and she’s got several galleries available. And that Natasha chick? Holy shit, what a massive set of knockers she’s got. She really fills that shirt nicely, doesn’t she? That bust is almost as big across as the next lady’s big ass.

And that last girl in the leather top looks pretty hot too. You could play with those huge titties for hours at a time no problem.

Pictures courtesy of Rico’s Phats.