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All of her pictures say Natural & Hairy on them, but all her sets are at ATK Exotics now, which is an excellent place to find hairy pussy. Most of her galleries appear in the Ghetto Girls section, and a bunch are in the Toys section too. There’s also one set of Haley in the Blowjobs section. But all her galleries, no matter where on the site they appear, are available from one page. That’s how ATK has organized all their sites. You just go to a model’s page and you’ll see all her links and a sample thumbnail from each of her sets.

Haley never did put much info in her bio, all she really said was that she’s 19 years old.

The pictures from this set were pretty good. This is one of her many “black leather couch” sets. There is also a very similar set to this one where’s she’s wearing a red dress. There are a bunch of excellent spreadshots of her in that one too.

So you’re walking past this chick’s house and you see Haley sitting on the steps. She’s checking you out, mostly because you’re the only thing moving at the time. When you get close to her she asks you if you like hairy pussy. A big smile appears on her face when she finds out that you do. Then she asks you if you’d like to come inside, and she’ll show you her’s. How could a guy refuse? And why don’t these things happen to us hairy pussy lovers on a regular basis? Once a week would be fine with me.

It would be hard to say which is my favorite gallery of Haley, but I think that kitchen set was pretty good too, and it’s probably the most popular of her sets. I’ve seen pictures from this particular set posted around the net before, and I know that I’ve posted some shots of Haley from this set before myself. Not here though, and we’ll be sure to have Haley back some time too.

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