This hairy Nigerian Princess babe has a nice thick bush, and if you look closely you can see a feint line of hair above her lip. I know some of you guys are way into that. I’m not, but what an excellent, thick hairy cunt she’s got.

I forget her name, but this bitch just recently moved here from Nigeria, and she’s just discovered the internet and porn itself. She’s totally into it, and she’s ready to try and make it to the top. She’ll do whatever it takes, if that means she has to spread her legs or suck some cock… whatever!

I found these pictures in the ebony section at Hairy Babes. There were some others from this set that I saved too, but I’m not sure if I have a complete gallery of her or not. I still have tons of zip-files to sort through after I did my membership there. Hairy Babes is a very nice site. It has a huge variety of pictures in many categories, and I’d say it is very entertaining. If you didn’t dick around about it, with a one month subscription you could basically go through the whole site and take all their zip-files like I did, then sort through them later. But “later” is still happening for me.

Ok, so I really made up that shit about her being a Nigerian Princess, but man, what a nice hairy pussy she’s got, eh? 

You can see this hairy ebony (princess)? and tons more at Hairy Babes.