Terrari is a nice babe that was added to Natural & Hairy not too long ago. She’s got 10 very nice galleries in the Exotic & Hairy section already, and also appears at ATK Exotics as well.

This chick is 23 years old and is a dancer. She’s also a decent spreader. She has a full bio available, and says that her favorite sexual position is on top, because she likes to be in control. No problem honey, ride it as deep as you like!

Her sexual fantasy is to make with the ideal man on the beach. See, that’s where we differ. I’d love to make love on a beach with almost any hairy cutie, and she doesn’t have to be ideal. Mostly she just has to be there.

Terrari wants someone with a sense of humor, and who will treat her like a queen. I’m sure we could find someone around here who could do that?

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.